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SURAD FISHERIES is company limited by Guarantee (LTD) based in Mogadishu,

Somalia is situated in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea (Gulf of Aden). It has the longest Coast n Africa with 3,337 kilometers long, stretching from Djibouti to Kenya shores.

According to several studies, the Somali waters show that there are substantial fish stocks off the coast of Somalia—these waters are in fact considered to be some of the richest fishing grounds in the region, particularly the Tuna fish, lobsters and shrimps to name some, while the tuna industry alone is worth $6 billion globally.

However, except for a few communities, the people of Somalia had shunned living off the sea since time immemorial. Apparently, the country’s natural endowments specially, the abundant life stock and wildlife had discouraged the population of consuming sea food. Further, historically the replica watches commercialization of livestock raising in response to the rising demand for meat in the Arab Gulf State coupled with pastoral tradition, made Somalia a country with highest per capita in livestock of the world, however, during the last 3 decades, the continued conflict, the deforestation and global warming effects made Somalia prone to perennial droughts and less livestock rearing.  Fishing therefore becomes critical food and common industry in Somalia.

Surad Fisheries aims to establish a fast growing Seafood trading institution. The company aims to reach all the retail chains and fishing markets of Somalia.  SF will also export seafood to neighboring countries and beyond.  It is a customer oriented company and will take all steps to fulfill our customer need. We always work for the benefit of our clients. We believe in making long term relationship with all our customers who might be seller or buyer and will always work for the betterment of our clients.  Our aim is to accelerates customer’s gain by understanding their business needs and delivering precise quality and quantity at the assured time.

Our long-term strategy is to provide a global customer service with its fierce promising commitment, speedy process and professional on time solution. We make a bridge of successful deal between both of our seller and buyer with our vision, mission and with offering wide variety of seafood.

Surat Fisheries (SF) is based in Mogadishu Somalia and will have branches in all major cities on Somalia. SFC has excellent professional team on fishing industries and management skills.

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